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Teacher orientation (html) to A Matter of Style module.


Teachers can lead students through all or some of the following activities, which are available for printout as PDF or HTML files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read and print PDF files. 

Learn how to research, identify and describe heirlooms from your home, family, or town. [lower (html version) or upper (html version) grades] [Research note form (html version) for both]

Discover Historical Motifs (html version) in Today's Furniture by comparing shape and motifs featured in advertisements and catalogs with those on the Identifying Design Elements diagrams and Glossary from our six pieces of furniture.

Capture an object's essence (html version) through descriptive language that helps students use their new vocabulary and think visually and verbally.

Learn to write from different points of view (html version) using objects inspired by the first-person story of an old piano.

 Create a piece of furniture (html version) using historical characteristics found on the Elements of Style diagrams combined with imagination.

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