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Photographic artists use camera, film, and techniques to record their inner vision. They chronicle their own times and places in a personal way. Frank Sadorus and Nathan Lerner lived in different eras and different environments and circumstances. They give us a special look at the past one of  rural farm life, the other of urban environments.

Viewers today can find historical information and explore the artistic elements in these photographs. We can look for 

  • details that tell a story of a person, a time, and a place
  • the textures and shadings of light and dark that make us feel emotions
  • points of interest that lead our eyes around the composition
Frank Sadorus shows us what life on a small farm in eastern Illinois was like in the first decade of the twentieth century. 

Nathan Lerner gives us glimpses of life in the city of Chicago, Illinois, during the Great Depression, 1929-1941. 

Both men experimented with composition and camera and film techniques to produce their individual styles of photography.


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