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Classical Revival Style Piano

  Download a .pdf for a printout of identifying design elements (html version) of this piece.

This piano, manufactured in New York, exhibits design elements of Classical Revival style:

  • Its square body and sturdy column legs are typical of Classical Revival.
  • The lyre design is a symbol of Apollo, the god of song and music. 
  • Acanthus leaves twist around the legs, and a frieze of lotus leaves and buds form the decoration above and below the piano keys. 
  • A pineapple, symbol of hospitality, fills a vase.
  • On each side of the vases are eagles, the symbol of the United States, serving as capitals (decorative column-tops) on the front legs.
  • The gold decoration is gilt decals and ormolu
Why would the lyre and the pineapple be good classical symbols to decorate a piano? 

You can read about the owner, Helen Gilchrist on the family farm in western Illinois, and a story 'told by' the piano.


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