Web Sites for Style

Online interactive exhibit. Can Furniture Keep Secrets? is about secret drawers and gives other pertinent information about the pieces of furniture involved. The Winterthur site also describes an exhibit on connoisseurship, and evolution in style in decorative arts by six criteria.

Click on +2 Explorer, then click on Crypt, then click on Larsson Exhibition. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has an online interactive exhibit on the Larsson House, an Arts and Crafts style cottage designed in Sweden by a couple who were artists. It lets the viewer compare a room to a typical room of the period and to click on individual pieces of furniture and decoration to see how it is designed, and how it compares to the period and to works that influenced the designers.

History of furniture design from 1896 to 1996. Takes off where this online furniture gallery leaves off for students or viewers who would like to explore materials culture into the 20th century. This is part of the Industrial Strength Woodworking Web site.

Article by Heidi Hinish in Washington Parent Magazine online about animals as symbols in art; serves as a pre-visit guide to parents on animals in art work at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., a useful resource for the symbolism of animals in art.