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      The weather conditions during a prescribed burn must be cool temperatures with very low humidity and low wind. Careful monitoring of weather conditions is crucial during the burn. If strong winds or warmer weather patterns develop, the burn should be stopped or altered. 

Illinois state and local regulations allow burns in the spring from March to April, and in the fall from October to December. This is when the weather will be most favorable. 

City fire departments should be notified of an upcoming burn in case there is a problem. 

Group discussing planned fire

Community members who live nearby and may be affected by the fire or smoke should also be notified of planned burns so that  when they see huge billows of smoke, they will know what is burning. Many prairie site groups put notices in the paper and on the radio, and distribute flyers describing what will be happening. This way all neighbors of prairies are informed about what is going on at the site. 


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