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Always seeking new ways to reach people and teach them about the natural and cultural resources of our state, the Illinois State Museum (ISM) in 1996 developed a plan for new online educational resource - MuseumLink Illinois. This project establishes a partnership between state government, the Museum, schools, and communities to create a World Wide Web site filled with engaging, interactive modules about the art, nature, and cultures of Illinois. These modules, or subsites, are developed by the MuseumLink Illinois staff and educators, utilizing the insight and guidance of teachers. Teaming up with the Illinois State Board of Education, the Museum is assisting K-12 schools and communities statewide in using the Internet and online resources made available through the project's Web site.

In 1997, work on MuseumLink Illinois began with funding by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Technology Opportunities Program, MuseumLink Illinois is a reality. The project has furnished twelve underserved schools in Illinois with equipment and software packages and is providing educators with training on how to use this technology and its applications, the Internet, and MuseumLink Illinois resources for interactive instruction in their classrooms. Students can use the technology to learn about Illinois, collaborating electronically with other students and accessing experts and information online. MuseumLink also reaches underserved communities through public terminals and training programs at three ISM facilities.

With the help of MuseumLink Illinois, not only can our visitors come to us, now the Illinois State Museum can also go to them.

For those interested in the MuseumLink Illinois Proposal, it's available on-line as a .pdf.


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