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Illinois Butterflys & Moths
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Online Collection of Illinois Butterflies and Moths

photo of a buckeye butterflyButterflies and moths are among the most beautiful of insects. They are familiar visitors to our gardens. Each of these delicate species of butterflies and moths has an interesting story to tell about its life cycle, behavior, and anatomy.

This ISM online collection is presented under a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It contains the following resources:

Buckeye Butterfly
Photograph by Siri Hartfield,
Hazel Dell School

An introduction to the anatomy, habitat, and life cycle of butterflies and moths common to Illinois

Photo galleries containing images of various species of butterflies and moths

Databases for Illinois butterflies and moths

Activities for users and teachers that present and practice concepts about butterflies and moths

An illustrated glossary

A list of print and Web resources on butterflies and moths, including articles from the Museum's magazine, The Living Museum


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