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Resources for Butterflies and Moths

photo of viceroy butterflyThis resource page contains lists of articles in pdf format that appeared in the Museum's magazine, The Living Museum. It also contains lists of print and Web resources about butterflies and moths.

Living Museum Articles:

Butterfly or Moth?

The Saddleback: A Case of Poisoning by a Caterpillar

The Bagworm Problem

The Painted Lady Butterfly Migration

Above: Pipevine swallowtail butterfly
Copyright Mike Jeffords

photograph of viceroy butterflyLeft: Viceroy Butterfly
Copyright Mike Jeffords

Web and Print Resources

The Butterfly Collection at the Field Museum.

An article called Mimicry: a Tale of the Birds and the Butterflies.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources list of endangered and threatened species.

Other Lesson Plan links:
a Louisiana lesson for 3rd graders on butterflies; 5 days, The Hungry Caterpillar, worksheets.

Butterfly & Nature Gift Store has projects for sale.

A 55 minute lesson on butterflies with worksheets and links.

Virtual Museum of Canada's Teacher section on Butterflies; take a survey of your area

A Montgomery county lesson plan that has students creating a power point presentation on the butterfly life cycle.

Detailed lesson plan on butterflies with interdisciplinary extensions for 6-8 graders by WBGY, Springfield, MA. Teacher Training Institute.


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