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"I'd be a butterfly, born in a bower, Where roses and lilies and violets meet."
- Thomas Haynes Bayly, I'd be a Butterfly

Create an Illinois county butterfly (or moth) poster using the ISM online Lepidoptera checklists and databases and Web resources for images. Suggested age groups 10-15. (html version) (pdf version)

Design and paint a symmetrical butterfly pattern based on naturally occuring patterns. Use poster board to create a 3-D mobile or stabile butterfly. Suggested age groups 8-13. (html version) (pdf version)

Learn about how butterflies and moths use protective coloration to hide from birds and other preditors. In our protective coloration activity you can color butterflies and moths and see how they hide. This activity requires a flash plugin on your computer, which may be downloaded for free on the Macromedia site.

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