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ISM System :Butterfly and Moth Glossary


arthropod (noun)
an invertebrate with a segmented external covering and jointed limbs
caterpillar (noun) the larval form of a moth or butterfly
chrysalis (noun) pupa without a cocoon
cocoon (noun) a covering of silk or other material spun by the larva as protection for the pupal stage
entomology (noun) the study of insects
Lepidoptera (Latin noun) the order of insects that contains butterflies and moths: lepido = scale and tpera = wing
maxillary palpi (noun) mouthparts that aid in food handling
molt (verb) to shed the skin
pheromone gland (noun) a structure that produces chemicals which, when released, influence the behavior of other members of the same species
proboscis (noun) long, hollow, coiled feeding tube
proleg (noun) fleshy legs without joints on the abdominal segments of a caterpillar
pupate (verb) to leave the larval stage and enter the pupal stage
spinneret (noun) opening of the silk gland
spiracle (noun) opening through which insects breathe

*This glossary is adapted from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' Illinois Butterflies and Moths poster.

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