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Manduca sexta (Tobacco Hornworm Larva)

This specimen is the larval stage of the tobacco hornworm moth. It can be recognized by the seven white to yellow stripes along its side. The stripes make it blend in well among the leaves of the plant on which it feeds. The caterpillar is about 3 inches long (up to about 80mm). The development of the larva takes about 20 days, after which it will drop off its host plant and bury itself an inch or so underground for the winter (in the northern climates).

The tobacco hornworm's range is from the southern states as far north as New York. It feeds on plants of the Solanaceae family, such as tobacco and tomatoes. This specimen is feeding on jimsonweed (Datura wrightii).

Collection of the Illinois State Museum
Photograph by Dr. Everett Cashatt
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<b><i>Manduca sexta</i> (Tobacco Hornworm Larva)</b>

Butterfly and Moth Image Gallery : Moths

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