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Asterocampa celtis (Hackberry Butterfly)

The Hackberry adult is active from May to September and most abundant in August. They can be seen in most of Illinois but are less common in the northern part of the state. The wingspan is 2 to 2.5 inches. Females have larger and rounder wings than the males and are more pale. Both sexes have white spots near the tips of the forewings. The upperside is a mixture of tan, brown, and black. The undersides are whitish with purplish bars.

There are two or three generations per season. Adults feed on overripe fruit, carrion, and feces, and they also drink water. Males are agressive in flight. Females lay eggs on hackberry trees. Larvae overwinter only on Hackberry tree species (Celtis).

Collection of the Illinois State Museum
Photographed by Dr. Everett Cashatt
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<b>Asterocampa celtis  (Hackberry Butterfly)</b>

Butterfly and Moth Image Gallery : Butterflies

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