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     artist   [n] 
  a person who makes art for pleasure, not for money
apprentice [n]   a person who learns a job by practicing it with a master tradesman, craftsman or artist for several years
batting [n]   the soft middle layer of a quilt; usually made of cotton or wool
bedspread [n]   a decorative textile that covers the sheets and blankets of a bed
cartouche [n]   a scroll-like tablet shape that encloses writing or a symbol 
cemetery urn [n]   a vase-shaped container used to decorate a grave 
colorist [n]   a person trained to mix paint colors and do decorative painting 
coverlet [n]   a bedcover woven on a loom (usually refers to those in the style of the nineteenth century)
figural [adj]   containing images of humans, animals, or the real objects 
      painting [n]
  a type of painting that depicts scenes of everyday life of people in a place 
Jacquard [n]   a loom attachment of punch cards invented by Louis Jacquard that allowed weavers to create patterns of figures like flowers, people, buildings, or trees. 
kaolin clay [n]   a soft white clay used in making china pottery 
kiln [n]   an oven for baking clay pottery
landscape painting [n]   a type of painting in which the subject is a view of nature 
motif [n]   a single design for decoration (for example, a leaf) 
portrait [n]   a painting of a person or a group of people posed together 
pottery [n]   a factory that makes clay pottery
artist [n]
  a person who makes art for a living
punch card [n]   a card (part of a Jacquard weaving system), punched with a series of small holes that tell the loom attachment which warp threads to lift when the weaver is weaving
quarry [n]   an open pit from which clay or stone is dug 
scroll saw [n]   a thin-bladed saw that can make fine, complicated cuts in wood or metal 
self-portrait [n]   a painting or photograph in which the subject is the artist 
shuttle [n]   a device to carry the weft thread back and forth through the warp thread when weaving
snake jug [n]   a pottery container with clay snakes applied on the outside to warn drinkers of the dangers of alcohol; popular in the nineteenth century 
still life [n]   a painting of an arranged group of objects, such as fruit, flowers, or books 
stoneware [n]   a heavy pottery 
symmetrical [n]   having an equal arrangement of forms or shapes on both sides of a central line. Example: the human face is symmetrical because it looks the same on the left and right side.
temperance [n]   a political and religious movement in the United States called for a law to forbid the making and sale of alcoholic drinks; the absence of alcoholic drinks
painting [n]
  a type of painting, usually a still life, that was painted according to a list of instructions and sometimes with stencils; popular in the mid-nineteenth century
warp [n]   weaving threads that are threaded through the loom and run the length of the cloth
weft [n]   threads in a weaving that cross the warp threads from one side of the cloth to the other


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