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Teacher orientation (html) to Heartfelt/Handmade module.


Teachers can lead students through all or some of the following activities which are available for printout as PDF or HTML files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read and print PDF files.

An art production lesson to help elementary and middle school students understand the style and techniques of self-taught artists who made Theorem Paintings (html version)

A discussion and art production activity to help students understand the social context of Genre Paintings (html version) and how they were composed.

A hands-on activity to help students of any level understand how self-trained artists in the nineteenth century made Portrait Paintings (html version)

An art discussion and production activity about symbolic patriotic American motifs as used in Appliqué (html version) design

An art production activity for all levels to help students understand how pottery was hand-molded (html version) and decorated in the age before electric pottery wheels. This lesson can also be used to compare Native American pottery-making methods (html version) in that section of our Web site.

The Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards (html version) for this section are also available for printout.

Print Resources

Online Resources Homepage of the Sheldon Peck Farmhouse and future museum. Timeline of Peck's life. State of Tennessee's curriculum pages. Glossary list for visual arts contains common terms high school art students need to know. 


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