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The Museum has reprinted here several articles on spiders from its magazine, The Living Museum. They are in PDF format.

The Wonder Fiber
The Brown Recluse Spider
Casting a Sticky Trap: Spiders and Their Predatory Ways
The Gift of the Spider Woman

Web Resources for more information about Spiders, their anatomy, habitat, and habits.

The Smithsonian's lessons on spiders; includes essay, anatomy, habits, glossary.

Southwest Education Devellopment Lab's set of spider lesson plans

Orb-web building page with film and interactive. Spider Room Info pages are full of information and activities.

International links to spider information from Australia.

Spider activity sheet for observation activity

Print Resources:
Duncan, Lois, 2001. The Magic of Spider Woman. Bt Bound. Paperback. Ages 4-8. ISBN: 0613314395

Mullet, G.M., 1979. Spider Woman Stories: Legends of the Hopi Indians. University of Arizona Press. ISBN: 0816506213

Oughton, Jerrie, 1994. The Magic Weaver of Rugs: A Tale of the Navajo. Ages 4-8. Hardcover. Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN: 0395661404

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