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Over 500 spider species have been reported to occur in Illinois. This checklist includes 558 species, and there may be records in the literature that have eluded the author’s attention. This checklist of Illinois species has been compiled from sources cited below. The initials in parentheses that follow each species name and authorship in the list denote the paper or other source in which the species was reported. Locality data, dates of collection, and other information about each species can be obtained by referring to the indicated sources.

(AAS) American Arachnological Society Spider Species List for North America, published on the web site of the American Arachnological Society:

(B&N) Beatty, J. A. and J. M. Nelson. 1979. Additions to the Checklist of Illinois Spiders. The

Great Lakes Entomologist 12:49-56.

(JB) Beatty, J. A. 2002. The Spiders of Illinois and Indiana, their Geolographical Affinities, and an Annotated Checklist. Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. 1:77-94.

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Population Densities, and Vertical Distribution. Ill. Nat. Hist. Survey Biol. Notes


(AM) Millidge, A. F. 1987. The Erigonine Spiders of North America. Part 8. The Genus

Epirigone Crosby and Bishop (Araneae, Linyphiidae). Amer. Mus. Novitates 2885:


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(W&E) Wallace, H. K. and H. Exline. 1978. Spiders of the Genus Pirata in North America,

Central America, and the West Indies (Araneae: Lycosidae). J. Arachnol. 5:1-112.

* The spider species preceded with an asterisk (*) are discussed in, A Guide to the Common Spiders of Illinois, Bennett Moulder. 1992. Illinois State Museum publication, Popular Science Series, Vol. X.



Family Antrodiaetidae

Antrodiaetus unicolor (Hentz) (B&N)

Atypoides hadros Coyle (B&N)

Family Atypidae

Sphodros atlanticus Gertsch & Platnick (G&P)

S. niger (Hentz) [Kaston’s Atypus milberti; not A. milberti (Walckenaer)] (BK)

S. rufipes (Latreille) (G&P)

Family Ctenizidae

Ummidia tuobita (Chamberlin) (BK)


Family Oonopidae

Orchestina saltitans Banks (B&N)

Family Segestriidae

Ariadna bicolor (Hentz) (B&N)

Family Dysderidae

Dysdera crocata C. L. Koch (BK)

Family Scytodidae

Scytodes thoracica (Latreille) (B&N)

Family Sicariidae

*Loxosceles reclusa Gertsch & Mulaik (B&N)

L. rufescens (Dufour) (B&N)

Family Pholcidae

*Pholcus phalangioides (Fuesslin) (BK)

Spermophora senoculata (Duges) [= S. meridionalis Hentz] (B&N)

Family Mysmenidae

Maymena ambita (Barrows) (B&N)

Microdipoena guttata Banks [= Mysema guttata (Banks)] (B&N)

Family Theridiidae

Achaearanea globosa (Hentz) [= Hentziectypus globosus (Hentz)] (BK)

A. porteri (Banks) (B&N)

A. rupicola (Emerton) [= Theridion rupicola Emerton] (BK)

*A. tepidariorum (C. L. Koch) [= Theridion tepidariorum C. L. Koch} (BK)

Argyrodes cancellatus (Hentz) (B&N)

A. elevatus Taczanowski (B&N)

A. fictilium (Hentz) (B&N)

A. trigonum (Hentz) (B&N)

Crustulina altera Gertsch & Archer (BK)

C. sticta (O. P. Cambridge) (BK)

*Dipoena nigra (Emerton) (BK)

D. prona (Menge) (B&N)

Enoplognatha caricis (Hickert) [= E. tecta (Keyserling)] (B&N)

E. intrepida (Sorensen) [= E. rugosa Emerton] (BK)

E. joshua Chamberlin & Ivie (B&N)

E. marmorata (Hentz) (BK)

Episinus amoenus Banks (unpublished record)

Euryopis argentea Emerton (BK)

E. funebris (Hentz) [= E. limbata (Walckenaer)] (BK)

E. gertschi Levi (BK)

E. quinquemaculata Banks (B&N)

*Latrodectus mactans (Fabricius) (BK)

*L. variolus Walckenaer (B&N)

Pholcomma hirsutum Emerton (JB)

Phoroncidia americana (Emerton) (B&N)

Robertus eremophilus Chamberlin [= Ctenium eremophilus (Chamberlin)] (BK)

R. frontatus (Banks) [= Ctenium frontata Banks] (B&N)

R. laticeps (Keyserling) [= Ctenium laticeps (Keyserling)] (BK)

R. riparius (Keyserling) [= Ctenium riparius (Keyserling)] (BK)

Spintharus flavidus Hentz (BK)

Steatoda albomaculata (DeGeer) [= Lithyphantes albomaculatus (DeGreer)] (BK)

S. americana (Emerton) [= Asagena americana Emerton] (BK)

*S. borealis (Hentz) (BK)

*S. triangulosa (Walckenaer) [= Teutana triangulosa (Walckenaer)] (BK)

Stemmops ornatus (Bryant) (B&N)

Theridion alabamense Gertsch & Archer (B&N)

T. albidum Banks (B&N)

T. antoni Keyserling (B&N)

T. differens Emerton (BK)

T. flavonotatum Becker (B&N)

*T. frondeum Hentz (BK)

T. glaucescens Becker [= T. spirale Emerton] (BK)

T. hemerobium Simon [= T. berkeleyi Emerton] (B&N)

T. llano Levi (B&N)

T. lyricum Walckenaer (B&N)

T. murarium Emerton (BK)

T. neshamini Levi (B&N)

T. pennsylvanicum Emerton (BK)

T. pictipes Keyserling (B&N)

T. pictum (Walckenaer) [= T. zelotypum Emerton] (BK)

T. punctosparsum Emerton (BK)

T. rabuni Chamberlin & Ivie (L&U)

*Theridula opulenta (Walckenaer) (BK)

Thymoites pallidus (Emerton) (B&N)

T. unimaculatus (Emerton) [= Theridion unimaculatum Emerton] (BK)

Wamba crispulus (Simon) [= Theridion crispulum Simon] (B&N)

Family Nesticidae

Eidmannella pallida (Emerton) (BK)

Family Linyphiidae

Bathyphantes alboventris (Banks)

B. concolor (Wider) (BK)

B. pallidus (Banks)

Centromerus cornupalpis (O. P. Cambridge) (BK)

C. latidens (Emerton) (BK)

Ceraticelus atriceps (O. P. Cambridge) (BK)

C. bulbosus (Emerton) (BK)

C. creolus Chamberlin (B&N)

C. emertoni (O. P. Cambridge) (BK)

C. fissiceps (O. P. Cambridge) (BK)

C. laetabilis (O. P. Cambridge) (BK)

C. limnologicus Crosby & Bishop (BK)

C. micropalpis (Emerton) (B&N)

C. minutus (Emerton) (B&N)

C. similis (Banks) (BK)

Ceratinella brunnea Emerton (BK)

Ceratinops rugosus (Emerton) (BK)

Ceratinopsidis formosa (Banks) (B&N)

Ceratinopsis laticeps Emerton (B&N)

C. nigriceps Emerton (L&U)

C. nigripalpis Emerton [= C. tarsalis Emerton] (B&N)

C. purpurescens Keyserling (B&N)

C. sutoris Crosby & Bishop (BK)

C. xanthippe (Keyserling) (BK)

C. yola Chamberlin & Ivie (BK)

Diplocentria bidentata (Emerton) [=Scotoussa bidentata (Emerton] (BK)

Eperigone eschatologica Crosby (JB)

E. fradeorum (Berland) (AM)

E. maculata (Banks) (BK)

E. tridentata (Emerton) (BK)

E. trilobata (Emerton) (BK)

Eridantes erigonoides (Emerton) (BK)

Erigone atra Blackwall (BK)

E. autumnalis Emerton (BK)

E. blaesa Crosby & Bishop (BK)

E. dentigera O. P. Cambridge (BK)

E. infernalis Keyserling (JB)

Floricomus plumalis (Crosby) (BK)

F. rostratus (Emerton) (B&N)

Florinda coccinea (Hentz) (BK)

*Frontinella communis (Hentz) [= F. pyramitela (Walckenaer)] (BK)

Glyphesis scopulifera (Emerton) (JB)

Gonatium rubens Blackwall (B&N)

Grammonota inornata Emerton (B&N)

G. pictilis (O. P. Cambridge) (B&N)

Graphomoa theridioides Chamberlin (JB)

Halorates plumosus (Emerton) [= Collinsia plumosa (Emerton)] (BK)

Hypselistes florens (O. P. Cambridge) (BK)

Islandiana flaveola (Banks) (BK)

I. longisetosa (Emerton) (BK)

Lepthyphantes sabulosus (Keyserling) (B&N)

Megalepthyphantes nebulosus (Sundevall) [= Lepthyphantes nebulosa (Sundevall)](BK)

Meioneta evadens (Chamberlin) (BK)

M. fabra (Keyserling) (L&U)

M. micaria (Emerton) (BK)

M. unimaculata (Banks) (BK)

Microlinyphia mandibulata (Emerton) [= Linyphia pusilla: Kaston 1948 and 1955

(not pusilla Sundevall)] (BK)

Microneta viaria (Blackwall) (BK)

Neriene clathrata (Sunduval) (JB)

*N. radiata (Walckenaer) [= Prolinyphia marginata (C. L. Koch)] (BK)

N. variabilis (Banks) [= Linyphia maculata (Emerton)] (BK)

Origanates rostratus (Emerton) (BK)

Paracornicularia bicapillata Crosby & Bishop (B&N)

Phanetta subterranea Emerton (B&N)

*Pityohyphantes costatus (Hentz) (BK)

Porrhomma cavernicola (Keyserling) (JB)

Satilatlas arenarius (Emerton) [= Minyriolus arenarius (Emerton)] (BK)

Scotoussa bidentatus (Emerton) (BK)

Scylaceus pallidus (Emerton) [= S. pallas Chamberlin] (BK)

Souessoula parva (Banks) (BK)

Stemonyphantes blauveltae Gertsch (BK)

Tapinocyba scopulifera (Emerton) (L&U)

Tapinopa bilineata Banks (B&N)

Tennesseellum formicum (Emerton) (BK)

Tmeticus ornatus (Emerton) (BK)

Tutaibo anglicanus (Hentz) [= Ceratinopsis anglicana (Hentz)] (BK)

Walckenaeria brevicornis (Emerton) [Cornicularia brevicornis Emerton] (BK)

W. directa (O. P. Cambridge) [= Cornicularia directa (O. P. Cambridge) in part] (BK)

W. indirecta (O. P. Cambridge) [= Cornicularia indirecta (O. P. Cambridge)] (BK)

W. spiralis (Emerton) [Millidge (1983) states that Kaston misidentified this species as

W. vigilax (Blackwall)] (BK)

W. subdirecta Millidge [= Cornicularia directa (O. P. Cambridge) in part] (BK)

Family Araneidae

* Acacesia hamata (Hentz) (BK)

Acanthepeira cherokee Levi (B&N)

A. marion Levi (B&N)

*A. stellata (Walckenaer) (BK)

Araneus bicentenarius (McCook) [= A. gigas (Leach)]

A. bonsallae (McCook) (B&N)

A. cingulatus (Walckenaer) (B&N)

A. gemmoides Chamberlin & Ivie (B&N)

A. guttulatus (Walckenaer) (B&N)

A. juniperi (Emerton) [= Conepeira juniperi (Emerton)] (BK)

*A. marmoreus Clerck (BK)

A. niveus (Hentz) (B&N)

A. partitus (Walckenaer) [probably Kaston’s (1955) Conepeira miniata (Walckenaer)] (B&N)

A. pegnia (Walckenaer) [= Neosconella pegnia (Walckenaer)] (BK)

A. pratensis (Emerton) [= Singa pratensis Emerton] (BK)

A. saevus (L. Koch) [= A. solitarius (Emerton)] (BK)

A. thaddeus (Hentz) [= Neosconella thaddeus (Hentz)] (BK)

A. trifolium (Hentz) (BK)

Araniella displicata (Hentz) (BK)

*Argiope aurantia (Lucas) (BK)

*A. trifasciata (Forskal) (BK)

Cercidia prominens (Westrig) (BK)

*Cyclosa conica (Pallas) (BK)

C. turbinata (Walckenaer) (BK)

*Eustala anastera (Walckenaer) (BK)

E. cepina (Walckenaer) (AAS)

E. emertoni (Banks) (AAS)

Gea heptagon (Hentz) [= G. ergaster (Walckenaer) of Kaston’s (1955) checklist] (BK)

Hypsosinga funebris (Keyserling) (B&N)

H. pygmaea (Sundevall) [= Singa variabilis Emerton] (BK)

H. rubens (Hentz) [= Singa nigripes Keyserling] (BK)

Larinia borealis Banks (BK)

L. directa (Hentz) unpublished record

Larinioides cornutus (Clerck) [= Nuctenea cornuta (Clerck)] (BK)

L. patagiata (Clerck) [= Nuctenea patagiata (Clerck)] (BK)

L. sclopetaria (Clerck) [= Nuctenea sericata (Clerck)] (BK)

*Mangora gibberosa (Hentz) (BK)

M. maculata (Keyserling) [= M. ornata (Walckenaer) of Kaston’s (1955) checklist] (BK)

M. placida (Hentz) (BK)

Mastophora bisaccata (Emerton) (B&N)

M. hutchinsoni Gertsch (BK)

M. phrynosoma Gertsch (B&N)

Metazygia calix (Walckenaer) [= Alpaida calix (Walckenaer)] (B&N)

Metepeira labyrinthea (Hentz) (BK)

*Micrathena gracilis (Walckenaer) (BK)

*M. mitrata (Hentz) (BK)

*M. sagittata (Walckenaer) (BK)

*Neoscona arabesca (Walckenaer) (BK)

*N. crucifera (Lucas) [= N. hentzii (Keyserling); Kaston’s (1955) N. sacra (Walckenaer)] (BK)

N. domiciliorum (Hentz) (B&N)

N. oaxacensis (Keyserling) unpublished record

N. pratensis (Hentz) (BK)

Ocrepeira ectypa (Walckenaer) [= Wixia anaglypha (Walckenaer)] (BK)

Singa eugeni Levi (JB)

S. keyserlingi McCook (B&N)

*Verrucosa arenata (Walckenaer) (BK)

Family Tetragnathidae

Dolichognatha pentagona (Hentz) (B&N)

Glenognatha foxi (McCook) (BK)

*Leucauge venusta (Walckenaer) (BK)

Meta ovalis (Gertsch) (BK)

Pachygnatha autumnalis Marx (JB)

P. brevis Keyserling (B&N)

P. dorothea McCook (JB)

P. tristriata C. L. Koch (BK)

P. xanthostoma C. L. Koch (BK)

Tetragnatha caudata Emerton (BK)

*T. elongata Walckenaer (BK)

T. guatemalensis O. P. Cambridge [= T. seneca Seeley] (B&N)

*T. laboriosa Hentz (BK)

T. pallescens F. O. P. Cambridge (BK)

T. shoshone Levi (JB)

*T. straminea Emerton (BK)

T. vermiformis Emerton (JB)

*T. versicolor Walckenaer (BK)

Family Theridiosomatidae

Theridiosoma gemmosum (L. Koch) [= T. radiosa (McCook) of Kaston’s (1955) checklist]


Family Mimetidae

Ero furcata (Villers) (B&N)

Mimetus epeiroides Emerton (B&N)

M. notius Chamberlin (BK)

M. puritanus Chamberlin (B&N)

Family Hahniidae

Antistea brunnea (Emerton) (B&N)

Calymmaria cavicola (Banks) (B&N)

Hahnia cinerea Emerton (BK)

H. flaviceps Emerton (B&N)

Neoantistea agilis (Keyserling) (BK)

N. magna (Keyserling) [= N. riparia (Keyserling)] (BK)

Family Agelenidae

Agelenopsis emertoni Chamberlin & Ivie (B&N)

A. kastoni Chamberlin & Ivie (B&N)

*A. naevia (Walckenaer) (BK)

*A. pennsylvanica (C. L. Koch) (BK)

A. potteri (Blackwall) (BK)

A. utahana (Chamberlin & Ivie) (BK)

*Tegenaria domestica (Clerck) (BK)

Family Cybaeidae

Cybaeus giganteus Banks [= C. silicis Barrows] (B&N)

Family Pisauridae

Dolomedes albineus Hentz (B&N)

*D. scriptus Hentz (BK)

D. striatus Giebel [= D. fulviatronotatus Bishop in Kaston’s (1955) checklist] (BK)

*D. tenebrosus Hentz (BK)

D. triton (Walckenaer) [= D. scapularis Koch] (BK)

D. vittatus Walckenaer [= D. urinator Hentz in Kaston’s (1955) checklist; D. vittatus Hentz in Kaston’s checklist is doubtless D. vittatus Walckenaer] (BK)

Pisaurina brevipes (Emerton) (BK)

P. dubia (Hentz) (B&N)

*P. mira (Walckenaer) (BK)

P. undulata (Keyserling) [unpublished record; single specimen collected by Bryan McGee

near a stream four miles west of Jacksonville, IL , August 1988]

Family Oxyopidae

Oxyopes aglossus Chamberlin (B&N)

*O. salticus Hentz (BK)

*O. scalaris Hentz (BM)

Family Lycosidae

Allocosa funerea (Hentz) [= Arctosa funerea (Hentz)] (BK)

A. georgicola (Walckenear) [= Lycosa georgicola Walckenaer] (B&N)

A. sublata (Montgomery) (AAS)

Arctosa emertoni Gertsch (BK)

A. littoralis (Hentz) (BK)

Geolycosa missouriensis (Banks) (BK)

G. wrighti (Emerton) (BK)

Gladicosa gulosa (Walckenaer) [= Lycosa gulosa Walckenaer] (BK)

G. pulchra (Keyserling) [= Lycosa pulchra (Keyserling)] (B&N)

Hogna aspersa (Hentz) [= Lycosa aspersa Hentz] (BK)

H. baltimoriana (Keyserling) [= Lycosa baltimoriana (Keyserling)] (BK)

*H. carolinensis (Walckenaer) [= Lycosa carolinensis Walckenaer] (BK)

H. frondicola (Emerton) [= Lycosa frondicola Emerton] (BK)

*H. helluo (Walckenaer) [= Lycosa helluo Walckenaer] (BK)

Pardosa distincta (Blackwall) (BK)

P. fuscula (Thorell) (JB) (AAS)

*P .lapidicina Emerton (B&N)

*P. milvina (Hentz) (BK)

P. modica (Blackwall) (BK)

P. moesta Banks (BK)

*P. saxatilis (Hentz) (BK)

P. xerampelina (Keyserling) (BK)

Pirata alachuus Gertsch & Wallace (B&N)

P. apalacheus Gertsch (W&E)

P. aspirans Chamberlin [= P. arenicola Emerton] (BK)

P. giganteus Gertsch (BK)

*P. insularis Emerton (BK)

P. minutus Emerton (BK)

P. montanoides Banks (W&E)

P. montanus Emerton (BK)

P. piraticus (Clerck) (BK)

P. sedentarius Montgomery [= P. maculatus Emerton] (BM)

P. spiniger (Simon) (B&N)

P. sylvanus Chamberlin & Ivie (W&E)

P. triens Wallace & Exline (W&E)

P. zelotes Wallace & Exline (W&E)

Rabidosa hentzi (Banks) [= Lycosa hentzi Banks ] (B&N)

*R. punctulata (Hentz) [= Lycosa punctulata Hentz] (BK)

*R. rabida (Walckenaer) [= Lycosa rabida Walckenaer] (BK)

Schizocosa aulonia Dondale (AAS)

S. avida (Walckenaer) [= Lycosa avida Walckenaer] (BK)

*S. bilineata (Emerton) (BK)

S. crassipalpata Roewer (AAS)

S. crassipes (Walckenaer) (BK)

S. mccooki (Montgomery) (JB)

*S. ocreata (Hentz) [= S. crassipes (Walckenaer) in part] (U & D)

S. retrorsa (Banks) (BK)

S. rovneri Uetz & Dondale (U&D)

S. saltatrix (Hentz) (BK)

S. stridulans Stratton

Trebacosa marxi (Stone) [= Pirata marxi Stone] (BK)

Trochosa terricola Thorell (AAS)

Varacosa avara (Keyserling) [= Trochosa avara (Keyserling)] (BK)

V. shenandoa (Chamberlin & Ivie) (AAS)

Family Gnaphosidae

Callilepis imbecilla (Keyserling) (BK)

C. pluto Banks (B&N)

Cesonia bilineata (Hentz) (BK)

Drassodes neglectus (Keyserling) (BK)

D. saccatus (Emerton) [= D. robinsoni Chamberlin] (BK)

Drassyllus aprilinus (Banks) (BK)

D. covensis Exline (B&N)

D. creolus Chamberlin & Gertsch (B&N)

D. depressus (Emerton) (BK)

D. dixinus Chamberlin (JB)

D. eremitus Chamberlin (BK)

D. fallens Chamberlin (B&N)

D. frigidus (Banks) (B&N)

D. lepidus (Banks) (JB)

D. niger (Banks) (JB)

D. novus (Banks) [= D. virginianus Chamberlin] (BK)

D. rufulus (Banks) (JB)

Gnaphosa fontinalis Keyserling (B&N)

G. sericata (L. Koch) (BK)

Haplodrassus bicornis (Emerton) (B&N)

H. mimus Chamberlin (BK)

H. signifer (C. L. Koch) (BK)

*Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Hentz [= H. vasifer (Walckenaer)] (BK)

Litopyllus temporarius Chamberlin [= L. rupicolens Chamberlin ] (B&N)

Micaria delicatula Bryant [= M. aurata (Hentz)] (BK)

M. laticeps Emerton (B&N)

M. longipes Emerton (BK)

M. pulicaria (Sundevall) (BK)

*Sergiolus capulatus (Walckenaer) [= S. variegatus (Hentz)] (BK)

S. decoratus Kaston (JB)

S. minutus (Banks) (JB)

S. montanus (Emerton) (JB)

S. ocellatus (Walckenaer) (JB)

S. tennesseensis Chamberlain (JB)

Sosticus insularis (Banks) (BK)

S. loricatus (L. Koch) [= Sostogeus zygethus Chamberlin & Gertsch] (BK)

Synaphosus paludis (Chamberlin & Gersch) (JB)

Talanites exlinae (Platnick & Shadab) [= Rachodrassus exlinae Platnick & Shadab] (B&N)

Trachyzelotes lyonneti (Audouin) (JB)

Urozelotes rusticus (L. Koch) [= Drassyllus rusticus (L. Koch) and Haplodrassus magister Chamberlin both of Kaston’s (1955) check list] (BK)

Zelotes duplex Chamberlin

Z. fratris Chamberlin [= Z. subterraneus (C. L. Koch) (BK)]

Z. hentzi Barrows (BK)

Z. laccus (Barrows) (L&U)

Family Clubionidae

*Clubiona abboti L. Koch (BK)

C. bryantae Gertsch (B&N)

C. catawba Gertsch (B&N)

C. johnsoni Gertsch (BK)

C. kastoni Gertsch (B&N)

C. maritima L. Koch [= C. tibialis Emerton] (BK)

C. moesta Banks (B&N)

*C. obesa Hentz (BK)

C. pygmaea Banks (BM)

C. riparia L. Koch (B&N)

C. saltitans Emerton (BK)

Elaver excepta (L. Koch) [= Clubiona pallens Hentz] (BK)

Family Corinnidae

Castianeira alata Muma (JB)

C. amoena (C. L. Koch) (B&N)

C. cingulata (C. L. Koch) (BK)

C. crocata (Hentz) (B&N)

C. descripta (Hentz) (BK)

C. gertschi Kaston (BM)

*C. longipalpa (Hentz) (BK)

C. trilineata (Hentz) (BK)

C. variata Gertsch (B&N)

Meriola decepta Banks (BK)

Trachelas tranquillus (Hentz) [= T. ruber Keyserling] (BK)

Family Liocranidae

Phrurolithus emertoni Gertsch [= Scotinella emertoni (Gertsch)] (BK)

P. goodnighti Muma [= Scotinella goodnighti (Muma)] (BK)

P. similis Banks [= Scotinella similis (Banks)] (B&N)

P. singulus Gertsch [= Scotinella delicatulus (Gertsch)] (BK)

Phruronellus formica (Banks) [= Scotinella formica (Banks)] (BK)

Phrurotimpus alarius (Hentz) (BK)

P. borealis (Emerton) (BK)

P. illudens Gertsch (B&N)

P. minutus (Banks) (BK)

Scotinella britcheri (Petrunkevitch) (B&N)

S. fratrella (Gertsch) (JB)

S. pugnata (Emerton) (BK)

S. redempta (Gertsch)

Family Miturgidae

*Cheiracanthium inclusum (Hentz) (BK)

*C. mildei L. Koch (B&N)

Strotarchus piscatorius (Hentz) (B&N)

Family Anyphaenidae

*Anyphaena celer (Hentz) (B&N)

A. fraterna (Banks) (BM)

A. maculata (Banks) (B&N)

*A. pectorosa L. Koch (BK)

Hibana cambridgei (Bryant) (BK)

*H. gracilis (Hentz) [= Aysha gracilis (Hentz)] (BK)

Oxysoma cubanum Banks (L&U)

Wulfila albens (Hentz) (B&N)

*W. saltabundus (Hentz) (BK)

Family Ctenidae

Anahita punctulata (Hentz) [= A. animosa (Walckenaer)] (B&N)

Family Zoridae

Zora pumila (Hentz) ( B & N)

Family Thomisidae

*Bassaniana versicolor (Keyserling) [= Coriarachne versicolor Keyserling] (BK)

*Misumena vatia (Clerck) (BK)

*Misumenoides formosipes (Walckenaer)] (BK)

*Misumenops asperatus (Hentz) (BK)

M. celer (Hentz) [= M. delphinus (Walckenaer)] (BK)

*M. oblongus (Keyserling) (BK)

Ozyptila americana Banks (BK)

O. conspurcata Thorell (BK)

O. monroensis Keyserling (BK)

*Synema parvulum (Hentz) (BM)

Tmarus angulatus (Walckenaer) (BK)

Xysticus auctificus Keyserling (L&U)

X. banksi Bryant (BK)

X. bicuspis Keyserling (BK)

X. discursans Keyserling (BK)

X. elegans Keyserling (BK)

X. emertoni Keyserling (BK)

*X. ferox (Hentz) [= X. transversatus (Walckenaer)] (BK)

X. fraternus Banks (BK)

X. funestus Keyserling [= X. tumefactus (Walckenaer)] (BK)

*X. gulosus Keyserling (BK)

X. luctans (C. L. Koch) (BK)

X. texanus Banks (B&N)

*X. triguttatus Keyserling (BK)

Family Philodromidae

Ebo latithorax Keyserling (BK)

E. pepinensis Gertsch (BK)

Philodromus alascensis Keyserling (BK)

P. bimuricatus Dondale & Redner (B&N)

P. cespitum (Walckenaer) [= P. aurolus (Clerck)] (BK)

P. imbecillus Keyserling (BK)

P. infuscatus Keyserling (B&N)

P. keyserlingi Marx (B&N)

*P. marxi Keyserling (BK)

P. minutus Banks (B&N)

P. montanus Bryant (B&N)

P. oneida Levi (B&N)

P. placidus Banks (B&N)

P. praelustris Keyserling (B&N)

P. pratariae (Scheffer) (B&N)

P. rufus Walckenaer (BK)

*P. vulgaris (Hentz) [ probably Kaston’s (1955) P. pernix Blackwall] (BK)

*Thanatus formicinus (Clerck) (BK)

T. rubicellus Mello-Leitao (B&N)

*Tibellus duttoni (Hentz) (BK)

T. maritimus (Menge) (BK)

*T. oblongus (Walckenaer) (BK)

Family Salticidae

Admestina tibialis (C. L. Koch) (BK)

Agassa cyanea (Hentz) (BK)

Attidops youngii (Peckham & Peckham) [= Ballus youngii Peckham & Peckham] (B&N)

*Eris aurantius (Lucas) [= Paraphidippus aurantius (Lucas)] (BK)

E. flava (Peckham & Peckham) [= Paraphidippus flavus (Peckham & Peckham)] (BK)

*E. militaris (Hentz) [= Paraphidippus marginatus (Walckenaer)] (BK)

E. pinea (Kaston) (L&U)

Evarcha hoyi (Peckham) (BK)

Ghelna canadensis (Banks) [= Metaphidippus canadensis (Banks)] (BK)

Habrocestum parvulum (Banks) (BK)

*H. pulex (Hentz) (BK)

Habronattus agilis (Banks) (BK)

H. borealis (Banks) (BK)

H. calcaratus (Banks) (BK)

H. cognatus (Peckham & Peckham) (AAS)

H. coecatus (Hentz) [= H. coronatus (Hentz)] (BM)

H. conjunctus (Banks) [= H. arizonensis (Banks)] (BK)

H. decorus (Blackwall) (B&N)

H. texanus (Chamberlin) [= H. rutherfordi (Gertsch & Mulaik)] (L&U)

H. viridipes (Hentz) (BK)

Hasarius adansonii (Audouin) (BK)

*Hentzia palmarum (Hentz) [= H. ambigua (Walckenaer)] (BK)

H. mitrata (Hentz) (BK)

*Maevia inclemens (Walckenaer) (BK)

Marpissa bina (Hentz) [= Hyctia bina (Hentz)] (BK)

M. grata (Gertsch) [= Hyctia grata Gertsch] (BK)

M. lineata (C. L. Koch) [= Onondaga lineata (C. L. Koch)] (BK)

M. pikei (Peckham) [= Hyctia pikei Peckham] (BK)

Metacyrba taeniola (Hentz) (BM)

Neon nellii Peckham (BK)

Peckhamia americana (Peckham) (BM)

Pelegrina chalceola Maddison (JB)

P. exigua (Banks) (AAS)

P. flavidipes (Peckham & Peckham) [= Metaphidippus flavidipes (Peckham & Peckham)] (BK)

*P. galathea (Walckenaer) [= Metaphidippus galathea (Walckenaer)] (BK)

P. insignis (Banks) [= Metaphidippus insignis (Banks)] (BK)

*P. proterva (Walckenaer) [= Metaphidippus protervus (Walckenaer)] (BK)

Pellenes wrighti Gertsch (AAS)

*Phidippus audax (Hentz) (BK)

P. cardinalis (Hentz) (B&N)

*P. clarus Keyserling [= P. rimator (Walckenaer)] (BK)

P. insignarius C. L. Koch [= P. fraudulentus (Walckenaer)] (BK)

P. mccooki (Peckham) (BK)

P. mystaceus (Hentz) (BK)

P. pius Scheffer (B&N)

P. princeps (Peckham) (BK)

P. putnami (Peckham & Peckham) (B&N)

P. whitmani Peckham (BK)

Phlegra fasciata (Hahn) (B&N)

*Platycryptus undatus (DeGeer) [= Metacyrba undata (DeGeer)] (BK)

*Salticus scenicus (Clerck) (BK)

Sarinda hentzi (Banks) [= Myrmarachne hentzi Banks] (BM)

Sassacus papenhoei Peckham (B&N)

Sitticus concolor (Banks) [= S. cursor Barrows] (BK)

S. fasciger (Simon) (B&N)

S. palustris (Peckham) (BK)

Synageles noxiosus (Hentz) [= Gertschia noxiosa (Hentz)] (BK)

S. occidentalis Cutler (BC)

Synemosyna formica Hentz [= S. lunata (Walckenaer)] (BK)

Talavera minuta (Banks) (BK)

*Thiodina puerpera (Hentz) [= T. inornata (Walckenaer)] (BK)

*T. sylvana (Hentz) (BK)

*Tutelina elegans (Hentz) (BK)

T. formicarius (Emerton) [= Icius formicarius Emerton] (BK)

T. harti (Emerton) [= Icius hartii Emerton] (BK)

T. similis (Banks) (BK)

Zygoballus nervosus Peckham (BK)

*Z. rufipes Peckham & Peckham [= Z. bettini G. & E. Peckham] (BK)

Z. sexpunctatus (Hentz) (B&N)

Family Oecobiidae

Oecobius cellariorum (Dugès) [= O. texanus Bryant] (BM)

Family Uloboridae

Hyptiotes cavatus (Hentz) (BK)

*Octonoba sinensis (Simon) [= Uloborus octonarius Muma] (BM)

*Uloborus glomosus Walckenaer [ Kaston’s (1955) U. americanus Walckenaer] (BK)

Family Titanoecidae

Titanoeca americana Emerton (BK)

T. brunnea Emerton (AAS)

Family Amaurobiidae

Amaurobius ferox (Walckenaer) (BK)

Callobius bennetti (Blackwall) [= Amaurobius bennetti (Blackwall)] (BK)

Coras juvenilis (Keyserling) (BK)

C. lamellosus (Keyserling) (BK)

*C. medicinalis (Hentz) (BK)

C. taugynus Chamberlin (B&N)

Wadotes calcaratus (Keyserling) (BK)

Family Dictynidae

Argenna obesa Emerton (B&N)

Cicurina arcuata Keyserling (AAS)

C. cavealis Bishop & Crosby (JB)

C. brevis (Emerton) (BK)

C. ludoviciana Simon (BK)

C. pallida Keyserling (BK)

C. placida Banks (BK)

C. robusta Simon (BK)

Dictyna bellans Chamberlin (AAS)

D. bostoniensis Emerton (BK)

D. coloradensis Chamberlin (B&N)

D. foliacea (Hentz) (BK)

D. formidolosa Gertsch & Ivie (B&N)

D. longispina Emerton (BK)

D. minuta Emerton (BK)

*D. volucripes Keyserling (BK)

Emblyna annulipes (Blackwall) [= Dictyna annulipes (Blackwall)] (BK)

E. cruciata (Emerton) [= Dictyna cruciata Emerton] (B&N)

E. hentzi (Kaston) [= Dictyna hentzi Kaston] (B&N)

E. manitoba (Ivie) [= Dictyna manitoba Ivie] (BK)

*E. sublata (Hentz) [= Dictyna sublata (Hentz)] (BK)

Lathys immaculata (Chamberlin & Ivie) (B&N)

Phantyna bicornis (Emerton) [= Dictyna bicornis Emerton] (BK)