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abdomen (noun) the posterior (rearmost) segment of a spider's body, containing most of the internal organs
appendage (noun) a limb or other part coming off the main body of a creature
arachnids (noun) members of the scientific class Arachnida in the phylum Arthropoda; arachnids have no antennae, two main body sections, and four pairs of legs attached to the first section; includes spiders, mites, ticks, and scorpions
arthopods (noun) classification of invertebrates (without a spine) with segmented bodies and jointed legs; includes spiders, insects, and crustaceans
ballooning (noun) the process in which the wind catches silk threads the spiderlings have spun and floats the spiderlings away over a large territory

cephalothorax (noun)

the combination head and thorax (also called the prosoma

chelicerae (Latin noun, pl.) a pair of appendages on a spider, used as fangs
egg case (noun) silk case created by a female spider to protect her eggs
orb web (noun) a web constructed of silk strands in concentric spirals on a spoked framework
pedicel (noun) the narrow stalk that joins the prosoma (head/thorax) to the abdomen
pedipalps (noun) a pair of appendages near the spider's mouth that function as a sense organ or to grasp
prosoma (Latin noun) also called cephalothorax, it is the front body section of an arachnid, a combination of head and thorax
spinnerets (noun) the silk-releasing organs of a spider
spiderlings (noun) spiders that have just hatched

*This glossary was adapted from one used on the Smithsonian's Spider Web site.

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