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Pachygnatha prob. tristriata ()
Pardosa (A Thinlegged Wolf Spider)
Pardosa floridana (A Thinlegged Wolf Spider)
Pardosa lapidicina (Stone Spider)
Pardosa milvina (Shore Spider)
Pardosa prob. lapidicina ()
Pardosa prob. milvina ()
Pardosa saxatilis (Boulder Spider)
Pardosa xerampelina (A Thinlegged Wolf Spider)
Pelegrina (A Jumping Spider)
Pelegrina galathea (A Jumping Spider)
Pelegrina prob. proterva ()
Pelegrina proterva (A Jumping Spider)
Peucetia viridans (Green Lynx Spider)
Phidippus (A Jumping Spider)
Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper)
Phidippus clarus (Red and Black Jumping Spider)
Phidippus mccooki (A Jumping Spider)
Phidippus purpuratus (A Jumping Spider)
Philodromus (A Running Crab Spider)
Philodromus marxi (Metallic Crab Spider)
Philodromus placidus (A Running Crab Spider)
Philodromus prob. washita ()
Philodromus vulgaris (A Running Crab Spider)
Pholcus phalangioides (Longbodied Cellar Spider)
Pirata (A Pirate Wolf Spider)
Pirata insularis (Insular Spider)
Pirata maculatus (A Pirate Wolf Spider)
Pirata prob. insularis ()
Pirata sedentarius (A Pirate Wolf Spider)
Pisaurina (A Nursery Web Spider)
Pisaurina mira (Nursery Web Spider)
Pisaurina prob. mira ()
Pityohyphantes costatus (Hammock Spider)
Platycryptus undatus (A Jumping Spider)
prob. Gnaphosa ()
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