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Gilchrist:Applique Bedcover

Appliqué Bed Cover

Classical Revival Style Piano

Classical Revival Piano

Baker:Portrait of Kezia

Portrait of Kezia


Lerner:Girl with Two Faces

Girl with Two Faces


Stile:Le Corbeile de Fruitire

Le Corbeile de Fruitire


  Coming of age means preparing to become an adult. It means learning skills that you will use as a worker, a husband or wife, a parent, and a citizen. It is a time when young men and women discover relationships and mark events in their lives such as marriage or graduation.

See what connections about coming of age you can find among these objects and their stories. Are they records of an event? Are they accomplishments showing skill? Are they personal visions?

Compare your experience to the experiences of the people connected with these art objects.


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