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Activities & Resources

Teacher orientation (html) to Making Connections module.


Teachers can lead students through all or some of the following activities, which are available for printout as PDF or HTML files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read and print PDF files.

All levels of students can learn to make connections (html version) among works of art.
Elementary students can learn to make connections through a class collage (html version)
The Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards (html version) for this section are also available for printout.

Print Resources

Marshall, Jody. Collecting Their Thoughts: Using Museums as Resources for Student Writing. Smithsonian Institution Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, 1994. Language arts activities, such as writing a dialog between two art objects.

Barrett, Terry. Talking about Student Art: Art Education in Practice Series. Davis Publications, Inc., Worcester, Massachusetts, 1997. Discipline-based Art Education source for teachers with examples of teachers leading classroom discussion about art and student art with students. 

Micklethwait, Lucy. A Child's Book of Art: Great Pictures First Words. 1993. For children ages 5 to 8.  Famous works of art offer food for conversations about their themes and details.

Online Resources
an index of graphical resources on the Internet (including a section of 185 painting images to use for discussion, comparison, and making connections).
David Leni's Art Department; an index of more art resources on the Internet for teachers.
The ArtsEdNet part of the Getty site lists themes to explore with images. Different connections could be made by viewers between and among the listed images. 


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