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Teacher orientation (html) to Depression Era Art.


Teachers can lead students through all or some of the following activities which are available for printout as PDF or HTML files. 

Develop understanding of themes (html version) of the WPA/FAP art programs helps students relate the artworks to a theme, and to their own surroundings and life in discussions and art production activities. 
Understand urban and rural (html version) life in the United States during the Great Depression at the high school level by researching facets of the depression using fiction and non-fiction sources.
The Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards (html version) for this section are also available for printout.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read and print PDF files.

Print Resources

Online Resources
basic information about the New Deal and its programs and impact.
The Ken Trevey collection of American Realist Paintings has a section on the Graphics program of the WPA.
Illinois Artist Project site written by Joel Dryer previews a 2001 publication, and includes listing of many Illinois artists.


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