Paleo-Indian Archaic Woodland Mississippian European Contact

Paleo-Indian Technology

Clovis Point, Lincoln Hills Site Paleo-Indian technology was specifically tailored to a highly mobile hunting and gathering lifestyle. The hallmark of Paleo-Indian technology is a spear point with a distinctive fluted base, the Clovis point. Clovis points exhibit exceptional craftsmanship revealing the skill of the Paleo-Indian flintknappers. Clovis points with their long and sharp parallel edges were deadly in the hands of Paleo-Indian hunters.

Although not represented in the archaeological record, plant and animal fiber nets, and animal skin bags were probably important items in Paleo-Indian technology. These points were then attatched to a wooden shaft for use as spears or knifes.

Paleo-Indian Archaic Woodland Mississippian European Contact