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Illinois Public Museum Grants Program

The Public Museum Capital Grants Program is designed to help public museums in Illinois expand and upgrade facilities and create new exhibitions.

  Application Form and Guidlines - FY2014   


Please be aware that changes have been made to the Museum Capital Grants Program. These changes are reflected in the Application Guidelines and the Application itself. Please review them carefully. The most notable changes include:

  • There will be no changes to the amount of funds requested in the application by the review committee. All applications will be reviewed on their merit as presented and the amount being requested. Applications will be funded at the level requested or not at all.

  • Public Museum Capital projects are funded using bond funds and therefore require the use and oversight of a public bodies procurement guidelines to ensure proper stewardship of said funds. All successful applicants will be required to utilize the procurement guidelines of the local unit of government identified in the application.

  • All successful applicants will be required to use a CPA for “Agreed Upon Procedures” in their billings. This includes any 50% project complete billing as well as the final billing. These costs are considered an eligible expenditure and can be included in your budget.

  • There is now a required application fee with a minimum value of $100 to a maximum of $300, depending on stipulations listed in the manual.

  • The manual/guidlines is availabe as a pdf file. Please read it carefully.

If you have any questions concerning these changes, please contact the Division of Grants at (217) 782-7481. FAX: 217/782-9599 or e-mail:

In order to receive full consideration, applications must be complete and received in our Office by 5:00
p.m. on Monday February 3, 2014.

These guidelines are designed to help public museums submit applications for grant assistance. It is essential that you read the guidelines before filling out the application forms. If forms are being reproduced on a word-processing program, do not change the original format. If you have any questions, we encourage you to call the grants office at (217) 782-7481.

Please do not alter the format of these forms.
The final copy for submittal, should be printed as single-sided copies.

The application is available as a fillable pdf.


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Application Form and Guidlines - FY2014
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