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Illinois Public Museum Grants Program

The Public Museum Capital Grants Program is designed to help public museums in Illinois expand and upgrade facilities and create new exhibitions.

  Eligibility Information   

Section 3200.20 Eligibility Criteria (excerpt from Administrative Rules effective January 26, 2004)

a) Subject to restrictions inherent to certification (see Section 3200.35) based on the available funding sources, e.g. Capital Development Bond Funds, any public museum located in Illinois may be eligible to submit one application per grant cycle for a capital project if it establishes to the reasonable satisfaction of the Director that:

1) It is a public museum that has been open to the public, for its instruction and enjoyment, for at least two years;

2) It is operated by or located upon land owned by a unit of local government or has been certified as a public museum in accordance with Section 3200.35;

3) It is an organized, permanent institution that is tax exempt under the regulations of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service;

4) It meets generally accepted professional standards as in the accreditation programs of the American Association of Museums, American Zoo and Aquarium Association, American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboretums, and other appropriate organizations;

5) It has a professional staff;

6) It cares for and owns or utilizes tangible objects;

7) It is open to the public on a regular schedule and regularly collects attendance data and maintains sufficient records such that the attendance numbers can be audited;

8) It presents regularly scheduled programs and exhibits that use and interpret objects for the public according to accepted standards;

9) It has filed timely reports and complied with requirements for previous grant awards; and

10) It can provide matching funds of the following amount:

A) $2 matching funds for each $1 of State money for a public museum with an attendance of 600,000 or more during the preceding calendar year; or

B) $1 of matching funds for each $1 of State money for a public museum with an attendance of over 300,000 but less than 600,000 during the preceding calendar year; or

C) No matching funds are required for a public museum with an attendance of 300,000 or less during the preceding calendar year.


b) The capital project for which the public museum is applying must be clearly defined and must meet all of the following criteria:

1) Project costs must be eligible "Capital Expenditures" as defined in Section 3200.10;

2) Project expenses will not be recurring;

3) The project is of a durable nature and not consumed in use;

4) The project is not subject to inherent risk of failure or rapid technological obsolescence, or primarily intended to fulfill temporary requirements or needs; and

5) The project appreciably increases, improves or enhances the property, land, building or asset to be developed, constructed or improved.

c) Grants to public museums not located on public property may be prohibited if the appropriation funding source is limited to bond funds that cannot be expended on private property.

(Source: Amended at 28 Ill. Reg. 2201, effective January 26, 2004)

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