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Richard Hunt is an artist who lives and works in Chicago. For more than forty years he has created sculpture using welding torches and other machine tools. His studio is in an old Chicago power station.

Some of his public sculptures are meant to stand outdoors and others are created for the indoors. Citizens of Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Miami, and Los Angeles have paid him to do public works of art.

Some of his sculptures are:




Wing Generator


Freeform V.

Richard Hunt uses geometric forms like triangles, cylinders, and rectangles to build the bases of his sculptures. Curved, flowing, natural forms sit on the bases. His goals are to:

  • balance formal elements (like line, shape, and movement);
  • explore ideas about nature, behavior, and dreams;
  • combine the tools and technology of today with the shapes and ideas of nature; and
  • let the viewers decide what these shapes resemble.

What geometric forms do you see in his work?
What natural shapes?
What is your interpretation of this sculpture? (What does it say or mean to you?)



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