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      Peoples of the Past ExhibitThe Illinois State Museum's exhibition design and production staff  includes a designer, a production chief, and a technician. A special laboratory houses all of the materials, machines, and tools they use to generate exhibits. 

Among these tools are computers, which are very important to both the design and production processes. They are used for drawing and drafting, word-processing, and creating graphic images. Large signs and labels require other specialized equipment. The exhibits lab also includes space for carpentry, welding, sanding, painting, glueing, framing, silk-screening, and many more activities. 

An effective exhibit is inviting, clear, thought-provoking, and accurate. It requires the teamwork of curators, educators, designers, fabricators, and other staff over a period of months or even years. Each member of the team contributes his or her expertise to the project. 

  • Curators contribute knowledge gained from their research.
  • Educators review the content and make sure it is understandable to the visitors. 
  • Exhibit designers and preparators use their talents to present the information in a way that is not only attractive, but also easy to follow. Working within the space available, they must place objects and labels in an arrangement that flows smoothly from one idea to the next. 
Creation of an Art Exhibit follows the Illinois State Museum's Art Section team as they plan, prepare, install, and open an exhibit by Chicago sculptor Richard Hunt.

Exhibit Artist Robert Larson is an artist who used to work in the Museum's exhibit section. He painted the mastodont featured in the Web exhibit Midwestern United States 16,000 Years Ago. He is making some large paintings of Ice Age environments for the Museum. Find out how he learned about prehistoric times and how he paints his murals.

Exhibit Research for Falcon Dancer Figure required the artists and designers to work with curators to find accurate information and create an image of a person from a prehistoric culture. Find out how scientists know what a person from the past might have looked when there are no written decriptions.



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