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Mussels of Illinois

Mussels are an overlooked but very important species in our aquatic ecosystems. The very presence of freshwater mussels in our waterways indicates at least a modicum of health in those waters. Mussels are diverse and often very beautiful in form. They have a unique life cycle that depends on another species for successful reproduction. Human over-harvesting on some rivers drove some species to extinction and others to the brink. Luckily, today, with protection and encouragement, some species are holding their own or increasing.

Image: Ellipsaria lineolata
Photograph by Dr. Robert Warren

Mussels of Illinois contains detailed and useful information on mussels in the collection of the Illinois State Museum:

  • an illustrated introduction containing pages on the anatomy, habitat, life cycle, human uses, and diversity of freshwater mussels.

  • a searchable database of all Illinois records in the ISM collection

  • a searchable image archive of most of the 80 species of mussels that have occurred in Illinois

  • a Living Museum article about Illinois mussels, their life cycle and habitat

  • activities and resources for students and lesson plans for teachers on mussel anatomy, life cycle, and habitat

  • a link to the Harvesting the River Online Exhibit that explores the economic life of the central Illinois River since 1850.

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