The State Symbols exhibit was produced by the Illinois State Museum, R. Bruce McMillan, Director.

Original Project Director -- Rickard S. Toomey, III
Technical Consultant -- Erich Schroeder
Editor/Designer, 2005-- Sue Huitt
Content Consultants -- H. David Bohlen, Everett D. Cashatt, Alfred C. Koelling, Richard L. Leary, Pietra G. Mueller, James R. Purdue, and Bonnie W. Styles.
Artwork for State Symbols Game - Joe Hennessy
Image Credits:
Staff Photographer, Gary Andrashko
Paul A. McClung, monarch butterflies
E.O. Moll, Illinois DNR, eastern painted turtle
Jim Harding, Michigan DNR, eastern tiger salamander
University of Minnesota Master Gardening Program, white pine
Ed Messic, popcorn field
Wisconsin DNR, Kentucky blue grass
Lacy Hyche, Auburn University, cicada
Joe Kath, Illinois DNR, Indiana bats
Illinois DNR, long-nosed gar
Ric Bessin, popcorn tassles

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