Staff Credits:Art
12 Participating Schools
Staff Credits
Teacher Advisors

MuseumLink Project Director
Dr. Bonnie Styles, Associate Museum Director, Science and Education

Education Specialist/Writer
Sue Huitt, Educator for Art and History

Colleen Dracos, Internet Specialist
Jason Arnold, Internet Specialist

Content Specialists
Kent Smith, Director of Art
Jan Wass, Curator of Decorative Arts
Robert Sill, Associate Curator of Art
Jim Zimmer, Associate Curator of Art
Geoffrey Bates, Assistant Curator of Art
Debra Tayes, Assistant Curator of Fine Art
Jane Stevens, Assistant Curator of Fine Art

Collections Assistance
Carole Peterson, Registrar for Fine Art
Irene Boyer, Registrar for Decorative Arts

Gary Andrashko, Museum Photographer

Kimberly Britton, Museum Editor
Amy Jackson, Administrative Assistant, Art

Special Thanks
Community Advisors
Teacher Advisors
Joyce Boone
Lou Ann Davenport

Madison County Historical Society
Anna Historical Society
Betsee Smith
Kiyoko Lerner

U.S. Department of Commerce, Technology Opportunities Program (MuseumLink Project), and the Illinois State Museum

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