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Lepidoptera Gallery

  Lepidoptera Gallery   


Butterfly and Moth Image Gallery : Moths

Callosamia promethea (Promethea Moth)

The name Promethea Moth reflects the female's fiery orange-red coloring. The female is larger than the male and has dramatic wing coloration of orange and brown with white wing margins, and a large eyespot on each forewing. Males are blackish brown with whitish margins. Wingspan is from 2.9 to 3.6 inches.

This species lives in wooded areas. Spicebush Silkmoth is another common name for this moth. The spicebush, along with apple, ash, birch, maple, and tulip trees are among the host plants for larvae. Cocoon hang from silken stalks from twigs through the winter.

Collection of the Illinois State Museum
Photographed by Dr. Everett Cashatt
Accession #:

<b>Callosamia promethea  (Promethea Moth)</b>

Butterfly and Moth Image Gallery : Moths

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