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Public Events

  Illinois Artisans Program: Warm Fusion   

Image from Illinois Artisans Program: Warm Fusion

Illinois Artisans Program: Warm Fusion

  • Location: Illinois Artisans, Chicago, Chicago
  • Date: Monday, October 01, 2012 through Wednesday, October 31, 2012 , 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM





Michelle Rial, Serena, IL
October Feature: Illinois Artisans, Chicago 
100 W. Randolph, Suite 2-200, 2nd Floor
For more info: 312.814.5321


Images and Step by Step: On Facebook


My fused glass creations take a different step. UP AGAINST THE WALL!

Using many layers of fused glass pieces, powders, and chips the unit is fired in a glass kiln to a highly textural surface. Dramatic and/or subtle shading with the use of voids add to their visual depth and interest. 

Many hours of analysis are needed once the design has been completed. My mind has to shift from a standard thought process of a flat design to depth of layers and their effects. Basic color rules are altered when mixing glass colors due to chemical changes after firing. Extensive trial and experimentation are required with pages of notes taken for future reference. Working with powdered glass and chips subtle changes can be achieved with colors and shading. Layering transparent over opaque create additional effects. Also the temperature and rate of the firing can dramatically alter the surface texture. Only after firing the final result is seen. Re-firing with additional glass would flatten and thus ruin the surface. 

In my mind a highly textural, multi-layered glass fusing without strict edges is my quest. The design’s edges flow beyond rigid straight lines with elements moving beyond and into the wall space. 

Glass Trans-Fusing -The Many Steps of all Glass Artworks

Once a final design has been achieved analysis of the many layers are required to create templates for each layer. Individual pieces are scored, broken, and ground to fit each piece. Glass powders, chips and liquid medium are then applied for shading and visual depth. Fired in a glass kiln with subtle changes in time and temperature will achieve the wanted result. Each design is created once, sequentially numbered using only glass elements.



One of our Illinois Artisans Program

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