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History Online Lesson Plans

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    Topic (Count)
  • Anthropology (24)
  • Art (76)
  • Botany (20)
  • Computer Technology (15)
  • Educators (2)
  • General Interest (3)
  • Geography (10)
  • Geology (74)
  • History (67)
    Analysis of Historical Photographs Lesson pdf, Details
    Analyze an Historic Object: Secondary Level Lesson pdf, Details
    Applique Bedcover Design Lesson, Details
    At Home in the Heartland lesson plans for 1890-1910, Details
    At Home in the Heartland lesson plans for 1920-1950, Details
    At Home in the Heartland lesson plans for 1950 to present, Details
    At Home in the Heartland Lesson Plans, 1800-1850 a.d., Details
    At Home in the Heartland Teacher Lesson Plans, 1700-1800 a.d., Details
    Be a Pioneer Lesson, Details
    Beautiful and Sublime Landscapes in Illinois, Details
    Commercial and Sport Hunting Lesson, Details
    Compare and Use Maps, Details
    Comparison of Political Life: Native American Lesson pdf, Details
    Crazy Quilt Block Lesson, Details
    Decoys - Foul or Fair?, Details
    Demise of the River Lesson Plan, Details
    Design a Piece of Furniture, Details
    Discussion and Experiments in Photography Lesson pdf, Details
    European and Native American Mappping Activity, Details
    Finding Historical Design Motifs Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Flower Symbolism Lesson Plan, Details
    Forms for Exhibit Creation Lessons, Details
    Frank Sadorus Collection Lesson Plan on Analyzing Photographs, Details
    Frank Sadorus Collection Lesson Plan on Artists and Farms, Details
    Frank Sadorus Collection Lesson Plan on Coming of Age, Details
    Frank Sadorus Photograph Collection Lesson Plan on Farm Jobs
    Lesson plan for all ages on the 1910 era farm photographs of Frank Sadorus; identify all the tasks involved in early 20th century farming.
    Frost Trade Bead Collection Lesson Plan on Loom Weaving, Details
    Frost Trade Bead Collection lesson plan on sewn beading, Details
    Genre Painting Lesson pdf, Details
    Hand-molded Pottery Lesson pdf, Details
    Hexagon Pieced quilt design lesson, Details
    Historical Object Research Form pdf, Details
    How to Use FaunMap Lesson, Details
    Identify an Historic Object: Elementary Level Lesson pdf, Details
    Interviewing a Quilter Lesson pdf, Details
    Introductory Teacher Orientation to MuseumLink Lesson Plans, Details
    Land Survey Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Log Cabin Quilt Block Lesson, Details
    Make a Model Wigwam Lesson Plan, Details
    Mechanization of Farming Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Mississippian Regalia Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Native American Foods and Recipes, Details
    Native American Pictionary pdf, Details
    Native American Plum-stone Dice Game pdf, Details
    Native American Recipes Lesson, Details
    Ojibwa Sewn Bead Designs Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Patriotic Applique Design Lesson pdf, Details
    People at Work Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Photographic Family Tree Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Polymer Clay Trade Bead Lesson pdf, Details
    Polymer Clay Trade Beads Lesson, Details
    Portrait Painting Lesson pdf, Details
    Prairie Quilt Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Predicting the Past: Historic Journals and Archaeology Lesson Plan, Details
    Prehistoric Pottery Methods Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Research an Object Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Research Form for Historical Object Analysis, Details
    Someone's in the Kitchen, Details
    Take Oral Histories Lesson, Details
    Theorem Painting Lesson pdf, Details
    Unit Plan for Harvesting the River Online, Details
    Urban and Rural Life: WPA Art Lesson pdf, Details
    Weaving Beads on a Loom Lesson Plan pdf, Details
    Webquest: Flower Symbolism pdf, Details
    WPA People At Work Art Lesson Plan, Details
    WPA Themes in Art Lesson pdf, Details
    Writing from a Point of View Lesson pdf, Details
  • Language Arts (17)
  • Natural Sciences (106)
  • Social Studies (47)
  • Zoology (20)


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