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You may also want to look at Duck Boats. More information on waterfowl hunting is available in the main waterfowl section.

Morning Duck Hunt  P. Hatch,  Nov. 1919 The Willow Blind Three Men Bag their Limit Three Hunters at Day's End Duck Hunters on Ice Lake Chautauqua, 1939 Hopkins Picking a Duck Elmer &quotHap"  Lippert Page Hatch - Shelly Lake 1907 Illinois Hunting License Harvest of Geese Setting out Decoys Spread of Decoys One Weekend's Hunt A Day's Goose Hunt near Havana Duck Pond Growing Duck Millet and Buckwheat Moscow on the Illinois Duck Blind at Hay Prairie Duck Hunt Near Bath, Illinois Buck Brush Swail Sowing Duck Millet and Buckwheat seed near Meredosia. 34th Annual Game Dinner, November 23rd, 1889. Two Limits of Ducks Decoy Spread Shooting over Decoys Hunter with Dog  Old Ted Dog Pointing Dog Pointing Boatload of Ducks A Good Morning Kill Camp on Anderson Spring Branch Duck Tower Blind Setting Out for the Blind Blind of Cattails on the Point Dressing Ducks Duck Hunting from a brush-camouflaged blind in Bath Map of Mississppi Flyway The President Comes Duck Hunting Baiting Ground Male CanvasBack Duck

Top Level : Harvesting : Waterfowl

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