Database of Illinois Lepidoptera

The Database of Illinois Lepidoptera includes 22,934 records gathered from 36 institutional and private collections. The database includes specimens from 931 localities and includes specimens collected from 1893 to 1993. Over 1100 species representing 48 families are included in the database. The database includes records from all but one of Illinois's 102 counties (only Stark County is not represented).

At present, data are the most complete for the families Lymantriidae, Notodontidae, Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Hesperiidae, Lycaenidae, and Riodinidae. The coverage for these families should be considered good. Data on other families are included, but these data are far less complete. Data on all families is being added as funding permits.

Compilation of the Database of Illinois Lepidoptera began in 1988 through the efforts of Dr. Everett D. Cashatt (Illinois State Museum) and Dr. George L. Godfrey (Illinois Natural History Survey). The compilation was funded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Non-Game Wildlife Fund.

For further information contact Dr. Everett D. Cashatt, ISM Zoology Section at email address: .

The online summary of the Database of Illinois Lepidoptera consists of the following two files:

A list of county records for each species (112k)

A list of species recorded in each county (250k)

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