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Activities for Herbarium Studies

Leaf Collection and Classroom Herbarium - Start a leaf collection, identify leaves at leaf identification Web sites, press, mount, and label leaves (lower elementary); collect, preserve and mount plants on herbarium sheets and organize them for study and storage (upper elementary to high school) (HTML version) (pdf version)

Identify the trees or flowers in works of art - Elementary students use online identification tools to identify plants that artists depict in their works of art from the Illinois State Museum's collection. Older students reflect on the possible meanings of the plants to the artist or theme. An extension has students creating works of art with a theme, focus, or subject of leaves, which they will present to the class in context. (HTML version) (pdf version)

Botanical Illustration in Watercolor - Learn the basics of the career and art of botanical illustration using drawing and watercolor media. (HTML version) (pdf version)

Computer-Aided Botanical Illustration - Use Plant Studio© Freeware to create, pose, and breed plants as you learn about plant anatomy. (HTML version) (pdf version)

Freehand Botanical Illustration by Computer - Use Painter Classic software and a graphics tablet and stylus to create hand-drawn or traced botanical digital paintings. (HTML version) (pdf version)

Web Quest: Flower Symbolism - Find the symbolic meaning of floral design motifs on Victorian decorative arts objects by searching the WWW and create a stylized floral motif of your own. (HTML version) (pdf version)

Plant Adaptations - Examine plants and online images of plants to discover the physical adaptations that help them survive in their environment. (HTML version) (pdf version)

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