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List of Downloadable files

disk.zip (1048kb)
The full disk with directory structure.
readme.exe (56kb)
An ms-dos executable readme file. Get this to learn about the next files in more detail. It also contains some information on moving the database into other programs, and discussions of the structure of the database.
archive.zip (524kb)
The full Faunmap database in delimited ASCII text format. This .zip file contains several other .zip files. These are described in the readme.exe document. The "archival" form of the Faunmap database reflects as closely as possible the original published data.
lookupa.zip (16kb)
Lookup tables for the database.
research.zip (292kb)
A modified version of the archival database. These modifications are described in detail in the publication, and include:
  • Standardization of Time Periods.
  • Flag items to mark Analysis Units, Taxa, individual specimens, or Localities to be included or dropped from the Research Database.
  • Standardization of Taxonomy.
structure.zip (48kb)
The ms-dos Paradox (r) file structures.
faunbib.zip (104kb)
The bibliography of sources for the Faunmap database, in ASCII format.
gis.zip (4kb)
A minimal set of instructions for moving Faunmap data into a Geographic Information System (GIS). We used Arc/Info Rev. 6.0.1 for Unix.

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