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ISM System :Arachnid Database: Tetragnatha laboriosa, Sangamon Co
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  Illinois Spider Collection, Tetragnatha laboriosa (Silver Longjawed Orbweaver)   

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Distribution of Tetragnatha laboriosa (Silver Longjawed Orbweaver) specimens in the ISM Collections

Tetragnatha laboriosa (Silver Longjawed Orbweaver) Records for Sangamon County, Illinois

Catalog Number: 653
Collector: G. Wright
Date: 1943
Notes: 43 G 11.4
Catalog Number: 1238
Collector: G. Wright
Date: 1943
Notes: sweeping herbs, Nature Sanctuary, 43 G 10.1
Catalog Number: 650
Collector: G. Wright
Date: 1943
Notes: 43 G 11.6
Catalog Number: 1226
Collector: G. Wright
Date: 1944
Notes: sweeping in grasses near river
Catalog Number: 336
Collector: Robt. Ashton
Date: 1946
Notes: Bunn Park Pavillion
Catalog Number: 1219
Collector: R. Carter
Date: 1946
Notes: in open meadows near lake from jar 505.1
Catalog Number: 1216
Collector: G. Wright
Date: 1946
Notes: open woods near lake
Catalog Number: 47
Collector: Robert Ashton
Date: 1946
Catalog Number: 1220
Collector: Tom Jamison
Date: 1949
Notes: in grassy field
Catalog Number: 1228
Collector: L & R Carter
Date: 1951
Notes: sweeping herbs in sunny prairie
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