activities and projects

We have prepared somestudio art and art history projects in the art of abstraction for art students of any age. Every lesson is linked to the Illinois State Board of Education’s Goals and Standards.

  • Abstract Figure Project - analyze abstraction and create an abstract figure drawing from a photograph.
  • Scale Project - group activity to enlarge an abstract image in parts, make decisions on how to compose the whole, then look at how the original artist chose to compose it.
  • Text-Messaging Project - individual and group project in which students write a short description of a painting from this presentation in text-messaging style, switch messages with others, and try to guess which painting was being described from the visual vocabulary learned in the presentation.
  • Compare and Contrast Project - students will view a pair ofimages and write a one-page compare and contrast description of their elements of abstraction.
  • Music and Art Project - group project in which students will listen to pieces of music and discuss which images correlate according to their elements of art and design.