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Building an infrastructure - Mississippian ditch-diggers excavating a trench for a palisade, Illinois State Museum.

Mississippian infrastructure - temples, mounds and plazas.

Infrastructure refers to a system of facilities and implements which help people pursue their work and pleasure. An infrastructure serves to promote social integration by providing structured lines of communication and spatial organization, facilitating the transportation of people and materials, and allowing large groups of people to plan and perform activities. As such, an infrastructure speaks of a greater level of social complexity. In the context of Mississippian people, infrastructure includes technological devices like ridged fields, as well as socio-political devices like mounds, plazas, and woodhenges that facilitated civic and religious integrative functions.

Priest-chief greeting a solstice sun from a temple-mound where his ritual can be observed by commoners in the plaza below - an example of Mississippian infrastructure promoting socio-political integration.

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