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  Bob Davis, Canton, Illinois
Bob Davis was born in New York City and says he would never have been a duck hunter if he had not moved to rural Illinois at the age of eight. He learned to hunt and fish on the river while growing up and has enjoyed it for over 50 years.

Bob has made duck calls, but in the field he usually uses his favorite ones, such as one he bought from a maker in southern Illinois named R.P. Mueller, and his Yensen double-reed of walnut and brass call, manufactured in Groves, Texas over thirty years ago. He also owns an Olt and a Rich N Tone call made by the Stuttgart, Arkansas firm started by Harry Richenback. He uses a Big River Game Call brand goose call, made by Mick Lacy of Dunlop, Illinois.

In years past, he entered calling competitions in which callers were expected to call a series of calls over 90 to 120 seconds, such as the ones you can hear now in our audio archives.

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