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  Dabbling Ducks
Dabbling ducks, also called Puddle Ducks, feed along lakeshores and on dry land. They seldom dive, but feed on or close to the surface of the water, upending to reach leaves and stems of underwater plants and mollusks, fish, and water insects. They also feed on seeds, grasses, and agricultural crops.

Dabbling Ducks Size Identifying marks Migration figures

Mallard Duck - (Anas Platyrhynchos)
15-16" long 36" wingspan yellow bill, green head, white neck ring, reddish brown breast, white tail with black under feathers Peak year was 1948 at 1.6 million. After 1978, numbers fell below 1m. to a low of 143,000 in 1993

Northern Pintail - (Anas acuta)
18.5" long 35" wingspan long, black tail, white finger up back of neck, white breast, dark brown head High 5-year average 1953-57 of 72,000; low 1968-72 of 14,000

Blue-winged Teal - (Anas discours)
11" long 24" wingspan blue-gray head, white crescent in front of eye, white band at rear flanks Peak average 1948-1996 of 18,000; they migrate earlier than the inventory dates

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