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Hoop Net Cotton Hoop Net Hoop Net Looking Down the "Throat" of a Hoop Net Net-Tarring Vat Net Knitting Tools Fishing with a Trammel Net Pulling a Hoop Net Setting a Trammel Net Untangling a Trammel Net Large Hoop Nets Hoop Net Seine Haul near Beardstown, early  1900s Cast Net Nets Under Ice Seining Under the Ice Sam Hall Repairs a Trammel Net Hauling in Hoop Net Trammel Nets Hoop Net System Seining Dipping Fish Nets in a Tarring Vat Catfish in Trammel Net Seine Haul on Peoria Lake, 1927 Knitting a Hoop Net Graphic of trammel net construction

Top Level : Harvesting : Fish : Fishing Tools : Nets

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