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Top Level : History : Floods on the Illinois River

Floods on the Illinois River

High Water at Valley City High water Cast Iron Plaque 1943 High River at Boyd Button Factory Flood in Liverpool, Illinois Flood on the Illinois Canoeing down the street High Water in Beardstown Soldiers Sandbagging the Levee The Park Hotel Main Street, Meredosia Meredosia Flood of 1913 Anderson Club House Flood at Electric Plant Meredosia Flood of 1943 Pump Plant Submerged Soldiers Building a Sand Bag Levee Flood at Browning High Water in Browning Cockol Burr Lake Train in High Water Chart showing floodwater levels in Havana, Illinois Thompson Lake West Havana, Flooded Illinois River Flood New Bridge High water in Beardstown High Water at the Nursery Flooded out resident Flooded Farmstead Flooded Bridges High Water Reflections in the Floodwater Frederick, Illinois Railroad Station Flooded High Water Holbrook's Confectionery Street scene Postcard photograph of a night scene of the business district of Beardstown, Illinois during the flood of 1922 1913 Beardstown Flood Filling sand bags at the bridge Sandbagging at Beardstown Gun Club surrounded High Water Floating Beardstown Waterfront New Tressel Work Wiped Out High Water Rowing Down Main Street Swept Away

Top Level : History : Floods on the Illinois River

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