Harvesting the River
Harvest Transport History

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Plank Roads Hauling in Hoop Net Trammel Nets Hoop Net System Dressing Fish Fish Basket Commercial Fishing Seining Dipping Fish Nets in a Tarring Vat Catfish in Trammel Net Sowing Duck Millet and Buckwheat seed near Meredosia. Returning with Catch Musseling Boats Harvesting Ice Two Men on Keel Boat Havana Fish Markets Mussel Harvester, Pearl, Illinois 34th Annual Game Dinner, November 23rd, 1889. Bath, Illinois Bath, Illinois Mussel Shelling at Bath, Illinois Mussel Shelling on the Illinois at Bath Railroad Depot at Bath Two Limits of Ducks LeTissier Fish Co. Seine Haul at Bath Moscow Bay Lodge Plat of Bath, Illinois Last Train Through Bath Beach Scene The Bald Eagle Packet and Fish Markets Moonlight Boat Ride Seine Haul on Peoria Lake, 1927 Making a Wooden Fish Basket Making Crowfoot Hooks Bridge over the Illinois River Map showing zones of heavy pollution in 1950 from industrial sources near Chicago and in Peoria. It shows a small area of clear water south of the mouth of the Sangamon River north of Beardstown. Campers at Quiver Beach Chautauqua Colonnade C.P.&St.L. Depot Map of button blank factories along the central and southern sections of the Illinois River Havana Riverfront. Sanitary and Shipping Canal, 1896 Refrigerated Box Car Loading a Paddle wheeler Dredge near Havana Lucas Fish Market Illlinois Fish Hatchery Four Men in Boats Man in sneak boat Decoy Spread Shooting over Decoys Hunter with Dog  Old Ted Dog Pointing Dog Pointing Houseboat Boatload of Ducks Rowing Steel Duck Boat A Good Morning Kill Train in Flood Cockol Burr Lake Camp on Anderson Spring Branch Duck Tower Blind Hopkins & Watkins Duck Hunting Camp Setting Out for the Blind Girls and Catfish Train on Trestle Train in High Water Blind of Cattails on the Point  The Camp Cutup Dressing Ducks Duck Hunting from a brush-camouflaged blind in Bath Epworth League and Business Men's Association collage of fishing tools Fish Markets at Havana Map of Mississppi Flyway Plat Map of Fulton County, 1916  Ice Harvesting at Havana Chart showing floodwater levels in Havana, Illinois Ice Chute to a commercial ice company in Havana. Auditorium at Chautauqua Park Commercial ice company, Havana, Illinois Night Time on the Illinois Illinois River Scene Along the Illinois, at Havana, Illinois River near Havana, Illinois Map of Catfish Collections in Illinois Canton to Liverpool Plank Road map Excursion Boat Lined Up Lynchburg Near McHarry's Mill A Quiet Place Packet Boat on the Illinois River The Pat Chotin Old Bridge Bathers in Quiver Lake The Pearl Pushing the Columbia Passengers on the Steamboat, Peoria Plank Road Map Plum Street, Havana, Illinois. Presidential Funeral Train The President Comes Duck Hunting Moonlight on Quiver Beach Quiver Beach Summer Resort Quiver Beach, Havana, Illinois Quiver Beach Moonlight on Quiver Lake Chicago and Illinois Midland Railroad Station Illinois Central Depot C. P. & St. L. Depot Illinois Central Depot Riverboat at Bath Chute Riverboat at Bath River Boats at Havana Riverside at Havana Cutting Ice from the River Riverboat The Illinois River Norma "Toady" Boyd on a Shell Hill The Spoon River The Spoon River Button Cutting Saw Easley Cutting Button Blanks Crowfoot Bars Knitting a Hoop Net Fishing Boat with Crowfoot Bars Thompson Lake Graphic of trammel net construction Tug Pushing Barges The Tugboat, Chris Robinson Adams Street Wagon Bridge Warren skiff Water Sports on Chautauqua Beach West Havana, Flooded The William Dickerson The Willie Mayo

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