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Post Card Illustration of the Adams Street Bridge Wagon Bridge off of Adams Street Adams Street Wagon Bridge The A.L. Long Tug Boat Captain Hawley at the Calliope The Bald Eagle The Bald Eagle at Havana Barrah's Ferry The Betty M  The Big Band from the Grand Floating Palace The Big Steamer, Peoria The Borealis Rex The Showboat, Bryant Blue-Winged Teal The Cape Giradeau The Cabin Dry Dock Canvasback Duck Canada Goose Water Sports on Chautauqua Beach Chautauqua Colonnade Chautauqua 1908 Illinois Epworth League Chautauqua Three Hours Catch from Quiver Lake Advertisement from the 1908 Epworth League Chautauqua Official Program Advertisement from the 1908 Official Program for the Epworth League Chautauqua Railroad Service to Havana The Havana Coal Docks The Colonel The Columbia The Sinking of the Columbia, 1918 The Wreck of the Columbia, 1918 Illinois River Tragedy The Columbia, Before and After The Wreck of the Excursion Boat, the Columbia The Dredging Boat, the Columbus, at the Havana Coal Docks Headquarters of the Damascus Commandery The David Swain The Debbie Lee The Delta Queen The Donna Lee Meredosia Island The East St. Louis  The East St. Louis Coming into Dock Crew of the East St. Louis Loading a Barge First Load of Coal at Havana Growth and Decline of Total Fish Catch on the Illinois River Fishing Party, June, 1898 Fish Markets in Havana Fish Market Wharf Annual Yield of Fishes on the Illinois River, 1894 to 1908 The Grand Floating Palace A Day's Goose Hunt near Havana The General Ashburn Golden Eagle Packet at Havana, Illinois Golden Eagle Docked at Havana The Golden Eagle Packet Boat Golden Eagle Sinks at Grand Tower The Golden Eagle The Tugboat, Golden Rod and the Steamer, Emerson The Gravel Gertie Grey Eagle, Frand Steele, Jeanette Roberts and Time and Tide The Grey Eagle Excursion Steamer Captain Hillyer and Aunt Elnora Captain Hillyer on the Julia Belle Swain The Idlewild U. S. Government Boat, The Illinois The J. A. Schulte Lesser Scaup Mallard Ducks Moonlight on Chautauqua Beach Working on the Railroad Pintail Duck Ring-Neck Duck

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