Harvesting the River
Harvest Transport History

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Steamer at Beardstown's Landing Shells for Button Cutting Construction of the Meredosia Railroad Bridge Bridge Under Construction Meredosia Flood of 1913 Anderson Club House Floating Dredge Bald Eagle Packet Boat Flood at Electric Plant Main Street, Meredosia Meredosia Flood of 1943 Model A on Ice Harvesting Ice on Meredosia Lake Nets Under Ice East Main Street, Meredosia Meredosia Fish Company Mr. and Mrs. WIlliam John McDannald Seining Under the Ice Pump Plant Submerged Sam Hall Repairs a Trammel Net Soldiers Building a Sand Bag Levee Northern Cross Railroad Liverpool to Canton Plank Road Plank Road, Liverpool to Canton Browning, Illinois Bader Feed Store Dedication of the Beardstown Bridge Last Depot Elk Pearl Button Company Ferry at Frederick Flood at Browning Sanganois Gun Club High Water in Browning Browning, 1915 One Weekend's Hunt Ice Cutting at Browning The Majestic The Majestic on Fire The Majestic in Ruin The Remains of the Majestic Browning Mill Main Street, Browning Waters Fish Market Canton to Liverpool Plank Road The Eleonor 1 Silhouette Goose Decoy Beardstown's Toll Bridge Liverpool

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