Harvesting the River
Harvest Transport History

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Whistling In Early Spring Blue Wings Redheads Packetboat, the Bald Eagle Old Baldy Double barrel shotgun Button Cutting Tools Threeridge Threeridge Ebonyshell Ebonyshell Fatmucket Giant floater Giant floater White Heelsplitter White Heelsplitter Mucket Mucket Wabash Pigtoe Wabash Pigtoe Pimpleback Pimpleback Pistolgrip Pistolgrip Purple wartyback Purple wartyback Yellow sandshell Yellow sandshell Spike Spike Washboard Washboard Zebra mussel Zebra mussel Canvasback Bridge at Meredosia Scoring Fish Pick-Shapiro Fisheries, Inc. Mussel Shells Decorating a Grave Button Shells Decorating a Grave Elmer &quotHap"  Lippert Page Hatch - Shelly Lake High Water at Valley City Houseboat Pushed by the ":Illini" LaGrange Locks Lesser Scaup Lakewood Hunting Lodge Detail of Metal Duck Boat Metal Duck Boat, Detail of Bow Pintail Punt gun Old Wabash Bridge T.M. Yates Sails his Duck Boat Scale for Weighing Fish Canton-to-Liverpool Plank Road Tollhouse &quotTwinville" High water Warren skiff Wood and canvas duck boat Dan Kidney Duck Boat

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