Harvesting the River
Harvest Transport History

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Button Cutters on a Pile of Shells Largemouth bass Warren Boat House Black Duck Game Call Smallmouth buffalo Threeridge Fatmucket Cajun Duck Call Canvasback Drake Decoy Common Carp Carved Duck Call Cast Net Channel Catfish Shipping Fish Dixon Fish Market Keystone State Mail boat, the "Borealis Rex" Fishing with a Trammel Net Commercial Catch from the Illinois River Commercial Fishing Commercial Fishing Fish Market on the Illinois River Processing Fish Pulling a Hoop Net Pulling in a Basket Trap Setting a Trammel Net Smoking Fish Racks of Smoked Shad Large Hoop Nets Looking down the "throat" of a basket trap Fish Basket Trap Fish Basket Trap Untangling a Trammel Net Commercial Fisherman's Landing Hoop Net Processing or Dressing Fish in a Fish Market Busy Fishmarket Processing Fish Mallard Drake Decoy Bucket Dredge Duck Calls The Chute Warren Float Flood in Liverpool, Illinois Framed Half Decoy Painting Green-wing Teal Drake Decoy Mallard Drake Decoy Mallard Hen Decoy Mallard Drake Decoy Crowfoot hook Harvest of Geese Jonboat Net Knitting Tools Duck Call The M-5 Mallardtone Duck Call Mallard Drake and Hen Decoys Ready to Shove Off Spread of Decoys Pintail Drake Decoy Olt Duck Call Raised Panel Duck Call Crow Call Looking East Gizzard Shad Green-winged Teal Drake Decoy  Decoy Carving Tools Trot Line Trot Line Mounds of Mussel Shells Sorting Buttons Button Cutting Machine or Set-Up Barges of Mussel Shells Grinding Button Blanks Warren's Float Flood on the Illinois 50th Anniversary

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