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Michael Kelly: Types of boats used on the river

Michael: Back then they were wooden boats, and your net boats for commercial fishing averaged 21ft and they were, oh, on the average of 40in wide at the bottom, and approximately 15in-16in at the side. And they were made out of oak, or cypress, or ash. They used this wood because it would soak up, swell, and would shut the cracks on them. And they were rowboats. Prior to 1926, I think, any place you went on the River, you rowed, you rowed a boat. And well even after 26, I think Cat Watts in Havana was the first one that ever owned and outboard motor. It was just a one lung job, you know. But I know when they used to leave Havana to go fishing, like to Clear Lake, it would be a weeks fishing trip because they'd have to row up there.

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