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Walter Hatton: Prestigious Warren boats from Liverpool

In Liverpool, for instance, they had a fellow up there by the name of
Warren, W-A-double-R-E-N. And he was supposed to have built one of the
best- running small boats up and down the river among the [unintelligble].
I had one of these boats at one time. And you'd go up and he'd build them
to order. You'd go up and tell him what you wanted.

A boat sharp at one end is called a single-bow, we referred to them, and a
boat was sharp at both ends called it a double. Some people would like a
single bow--a flat end back there across the on the back end, and some
would like the other.

Well you'd go up and tell him what you wanted and he'd make what you
ordered. And he was more expensive. But if you had one of his boats why
you were considered by the people, knowledgeable people around the river
who knew anything about boats--why they sort of envied you if you had one
of his boats. I bought one of his boats second hand one time, and I must
say that it was the best running boat I ever had--run easier and
steered easier.

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